Conference: Bottom-up Citizens Movements and Urban Commons

Commons Network director Sophie Bloemen will host a workshop on urban commons on Saturday (September 23rd) as part of the Euler Conference in Berlin. The workshop asks: is urban commons a buzz word, a real alternative or a utopian wish? Bloemen will host the workshop together with Lorenzo Tripodi. The Euler Conference ...

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Will You Join Us In Madrid?

  The next European Commons Assembly will be in Madrid in October. And you can still be a part of it: Click here to join.  In cooperation with the Transeuropa Festival and MediaLab Prado, the assembly features 4 days of workshops, visits to local commons initiatives, debates, talks, art and parties in ...

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EU “copyright reform” threatens freedom of information, open access and open science

In early October, the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee will vote on the Digital Single Market copyright legislation. Here we would like to express our alarm at the direction EU copyright legislation is taking. We are profoundly concerned that a number of proposals, including Article 11 and Article 13, will ...

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New Report on TTIP