Author: r2hox

About cooperation

How did I realize that a Commons Good based system was everything but utopian? I studied sociology at the University of Salamanca. It is a city that brings smiles for the past good times and exalts the most nostalgic memories. Student city par excellence, Salamanca is also an extremely conservative location. ...

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Jesse Clockwork

About solidarity

Recently, Commons Network added a new member to our team: Irene Alonso joined us in January as an intern from our office in Berlin. We are very happy to be working with her. In a new series of blogs, she introduces herself, and shares her motivations for becoming a commons ...

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by Gordon Johnson / Creative Commons / Pixabay

'Health Care Is Not A Business, But A Fundamental Right'

Recap: Access to Medicines Movement Meets in Brussels On Wednesday the 31st of January, activists, doctors, advocates, MEPs and representatives of the European Commission met in the European Parliament during an event organised by Commons Network and Health Action International. The main topic was the system of medical research & development in ...

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