For Peace, People and Planet.

July 2017.  For Peace, People and Planet: A civil Society Perspective on the next EU Research Framework Programme (FP9).  Ensuring investments address pressing social & environmental challenges. The research that is prioritised and funded today will have a decisive impact on the future of our societies and our planet. Our societies face ...

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Can Commons Thinking Break into the European Mainstream?

June 8 2017-  Blog by David Bollier on our new paper on EU & the Commons

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News: Commons Network Releases Urgent Call To Europe

Berlin/Brussels 24 May, 2017.  Commons Network releases its new policy paper for Europe today. It is an urgent plea to Europe and a call to arms for all activists and Europeans. ‘Supporting the Commons: Opportunities in the EU Policy Landscape’ is an appeal to the European Union to truly become an ally to commoners ...

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New Report on TTIP