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Constructing Urban Commons

The New Towers of De Keyser, Marieke Giele, TU Delft March 7.2016  On the 3rd and 4th of March I attended a conference at the Technical University in Delft called Constructing the Commons.   The conference looked at the role

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End of Transparency: Paving the way for Trade Secrets in TTIP

June 15th, Brussels, in EUROPOLITICS: Fear struck communities in 2009 as the H1N1 influenza virus (commonly known as swine flu) erupted around the world. On the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which swiftly defined the outbreak as a pandemic,

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Commons Network selected for Idea Camp on Urban Commons !

June 12th, Berlin. Commons Network has been selected by the European Cultural Foundation for the 3 day Idea Camp ‘Build the City’ on the Urban Commons in Sweden in September 2015.  We will have the opportunity to further develop the idea on ‘a set or rules’ for

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EU trade secrets directive threat to free speech, health, environment and worker mobility

  March 24 2015  A Broad public interest coalition issues a statement on the Trade Secrets Directive being dicussed in the European Parliament. As it stands the Directive threatens access to information in the areas of health and environment, and poses

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Update: TTIP Civil society response paper to Big Pharma wish list

Nov 7, 2104  When we first published this analysis and joint position on the wish list of the pharmaceutical industry for TTIP, their ambitions were not so transparent with just a few sources of information. By now the intentions and demands pharmaceutical industry have become

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Fixing Europe: the Commons and Small Utopias

November 7, 2014 How to fix Europe? One thing desperately needed is a vision that connects the many issues that have our concern.  The perspective of the commons; embracing the idea that some resources such as air and water as well

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Will Juncker shine some sunlight on the EU-US Trade Negotiations? The Investor-to-State Dispute Mechanism

July 16th 2014. Incoming Commission President Juncker indicated in his inaugeration speech yesterday in the European Parliamenthe beliefs that without transparency the EU-US trade negotiations are doomed. Juncker also said he wants a balanced trade agreement where Europe’s safety, health, social and

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Investor-to-state dispute settlement’ in EU–US trade deal risks access to affordable medicines

Several European and American health NGOs publicly criticised the inclusion of investor-to-state-dispute-settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) today, warning that it will undermine public health policies of European Union (EU) Member States and severely jeopardise access

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Can open knowledge save your life?

Building bridges between the open digital knowledge and access to medicines movements This Open Knowledge Fest Fringe event will take place at betahaus in Berlin At this meetup, hosted by the UAEM and the Commons Network, we will reflect on synergies

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BMJ reports on Commons Network TTIP paper

March 27,  British Medical Journal (BMJ) reports on Commons Network TTIP paper: 'Trade talks between US and EU could increase cost of drugs, new report says.' Snip: '' Ongoing free trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States will lead

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