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Art & Commons in times Digital Capitalism

    On July 2 Sophie Bloemen of Commons Network speaks at this Berlin event about arts, commons and self-organisation organised by SUPERMARKET. Welcome to the era of Digital Capitalism! The production of goods is no longer a priority. Instead,

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Constructing Urban Commons

The New Towers of De Keyser, Marieke Giele, TU Delft March 7.2016  On the 3rd and 4th of March I attended a conference at the Technical University in Delft called Constructing the Commons.   The conference looked at the role

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Le Temps des Communs in Paris: Urban Commons

  On October 10th Commons Network’s David Hammerstein talked about urban commons  at the festival ‘Temps des Communs’ in Paris. Here are some notes from his talk.   Some basic commons principles and some possible contradictions for considering the urban commons

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  • “With the relinquishment of utopias, man would lose his will to shape history, and therewith his ability to change it”