New Release: Using a Commons Approach to Tell the New European Story

Berlin, May 21 2017. European Alternatives, the civil society network that works tirelessly to build new narratives for the Europe of the future, just released its new book: Shifting Baselines of Europe, New Perspectives beyond Neoliberalism and Nationalism. Commons Network co-director Sophie Bloemen contributed to this release with an essay on the commons as a new paradigm for a different, better Europe.

The books is available here, also as a free download. The essay by Sophie Bloemen is titled The Commons As Unifying Political Vision, and you can find it on page 167. From the essay:

“The crisis of the European Union begs for new, unifying and constructive narratives – alternatives to the right-wing populist and nationalist wave that is getting fiercer every day. A ‘commons’ approach holds the potential for a unified vision towards an alternative economy, a Europe from the bottom-up, and an ecological economy and way of life. The idea of jointly stewarding shared resources, community, and a generative economy can find resonance with a diverse range of citizens.”

Read the whole essay in Shifting Baselines, through this link. European Alternatives has offices in Berlin, Rome and Paris and is a partner-organisation of the Commons Network.

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